Something about Wilson Horrell ( AKA Beefcake, or Beef) blogging about fitness just don’t seem right. My name is usually synonymous with food, couches, drug addiction and alcoholism, but here goes nothing. Prior to sobering up about 3 years ago, I spent every hour of every day both drunk and high for about the previous 10 years. Aside from about a month long routine of attending Lifetime Fitness, with a hand full of amphetimines, six or eight Percocet, a couple Red Bull and vodkas, topped off with a few Marlboro lights, and then hitting the treadmill, I have had exactly ZERO physical fitness training. Upon entering rehab, being carted around in a wheel chair, and spending most of the next few months in bed, I literally went up the stairs on all fours. I had no strength, no motivation, and worst of all….no Hope. Food became my new addiction and I ballooned up to 291 lbs. I started tinkering with gym memberships and treadmills about a year and a half ago. Curls, Bench Press, short runs, mirrors, and whatever else was comfortable that could, somewhat, be classified as work. I wasn’t getting very far, but it was a start.


Last September I met Von Ralls and John Brown at Olive Branch Crossfit . My first day, my legs gave out during WARMUP, and I fell over in front of the whole class. I was devastated, but there were no laughs, and no judgments. There was also no one allowing me to quit (even though I was about to Stroke Out). Being that I was an athlete in high school (20 years ago), I had COMPLETELY forgot about the power of a pat on the back, or a “good job”. I received both of these things on my first day, and I handed over my credit card before I could change my mind. I do not think think things through…ever. In my past life, there were consequences to be paid for my lack of foresight. In Crossfit, it seems that my lack of ability, or desire to think things all the way through, has been a bonus. I feel that if a Coach tells me to do something, than I should be able to do it. So far, this has been the case. Olive Branch Crossfit has changed every aspect of my life, and is inspiring me to be a better me, all the way around.

For whatever reason, the sound of “lift heavy run long” just really appeals to me. I think, it is because it doesn’t mention anything about being fast or pretty, cause I am not fast… nor pretty. I am no fucking swan, I can assure you. I do not run well. I am big, lunky, and ugly. I could run every day for the rest of my life and still not have the body or grace of a “runner”. I complain a great deal. I have a lot of pain in my knees and feet, and cannot tell the difference between pain and injury. I believe that time and diet will alleviate a lot of this problem, but I ain’t gonna stop bitching about it. I do, however, have a Coach who believes in me, and is willing to work with me on my form, so that I can learn to establish a decent pace for long distances. I recently accomplished a huge goal for myself, in finishing the Tough Mudder in Nashville, TN. It was a 10.1 Mile obstacle course, in which I FINISHED! It hurt, it was ugly

I said it was ugly.
I said it was ugly.

, but I finished. I thought Von was full of shit when he told me that he could prepare me for it in 6 months. I jokingly asked Von if I could wear his LHRL tee shirt even though I Lift Decent and Run Like Shit. He said that he was proud to have me display one of his shirts. I am excited about working on both of these things and continuing to get better. I believe I will reach a point of being able to both Lift Heavy and Run Long. Not only do I think this, I know this. I have no idea how long it will take to reach this point, but its GONNA. FUCKING. HAPPEN. If you do not listen to anything I ever say (which is probably your best option), listen to my words, “I will Lift Heavy weights and Run Long distances”. I know this in the bottom of my heart, above and beyond anything else in my life.

Olive Branch Crossfit has provided me with so much confidence, and also a lot of fucking work. Today, I am 41 pounds lighter than when I started excercising, and getting stronger. I am struggling a great deal with my weight loss goals, but I am learning to trust the process, as my strength is increasing tremendously. Crossfit has given me the most powerful drug in the world, which is Hope. I was told that, if you can see it, then it is no longer Hope. It becomes Faith. I have seen it, and I have a tremendous amount of Faith that with the continued support of teammates and coaches, that I will achieve wonderful things for myself. Every day is Day 1 and I will continue getting better. Peace, Love, and all things Beef related.

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  1. W— this is amazing!!! I am so glad to be your wing man and call u out on eating bologna at 2 am because I’m like Deone Warwick and can sense those things (ha!) and work along side you to be healthier. Can’t wait to continue to read more about your journey. You let blog is awesome sauce with a side of—- wait for it—- BEEF !

    1. It would t be right if I didn’t have autocorrect haunting my ass messin up my last sentence. Insert YOUR where “your let” sits.

      1. Damn your funny. You are Top Gun of wingmen, even though our plane sustained a lot of injury. You are CERTAINLY the Dione Warwick of midnight snacks. I will try and do better…and by better, I mean where you cant sense it.

  2. You are inspiring! And honest. And hilarious. A rare combo. Well, I’ll be stalking your blog now. Maybe I can start making some healthy changes too.

    Thanks for being you


    1. Your very kind Shayla. Considering that your blog was on my home screen as a shortcut, thats a real compliment. You are the funniest blogger that I have ever read. I would LOVE for you to keep up with it. Its all really new to me.

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